These six downswing errors may be the direct causes of your right curve shots!

These six downswing errors may be the direct causes of your right curve shots!

In the realm of golf swings, the right curve has long been a puzzle for many golf enthusiasts. This issue not only arises in the upswing and downswing phases but also extends to the improper setup posture for hitting the ball. This article focuses on six fatal errors during the downswing, revealing the true causes behind the right curve.

  1. Unreasonable Movement Sequence: Initiating the downswing with the upper body first tends to move the shoulders outward, causing the arms and club to swing outward, forming an inside-out downswing trajectory. The correct downswing initiation should start from the lower body.

  2. Directly Rotating the Hips in Place: Rotating the hips in place can easily result in an outside downswing. Before rotation, there needs to be a lateral movement of the hips to the left, followed by rotation. Sensing the movement of the left knee above the left foot can help correct this error.

  3. Direction of Arm Swing: Swinging the arms outward inevitably leads to an inside-out trajectory. The correct approach is to have the arms swing downward, simultaneously bringing the right elbow closer to the body during weight transfer—this is the key to hitting a straight ball.

  4. Shoulder Rotation Technique: Avoid a flat shoulder rotation, as it can lead to a right curve. During the downswing, ensure the right shoulder rotates downward, aligning the shoulders parallel to the target line, and post-impact, continue the downward rotation.

  5. Head Movement: Notably moving the head to the left during the downswing easily forms an outside downswing. It's crucial to remember not to move the head forward; only then can the ball be hit from the right side of the body, achieving an inside downswing.

  6. Hasty Initiation of Downswing: Hasty downswing initiation not only disrupts swing rhythm but is also a common cause of hitting a right curve. Therefore, it's essential not only to pause at the top during the upswing but also to ensure that the initiation speed matches the upswing speed.

If you often find yourself hitting a right curve, check if any of these errors occur during the downswing. By correcting these issues, you'll likely improve your swing quickly and start hitting straight shots.


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