Golf Swing Trainer Flexible Telescopic Club

Golf Swing Training Aids Flexible Telescopic Club

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【Stretchable Golf Swing Trainer】
The golf arm swing trainer provides the correct golfer training posture for golf training. As the swing is completed, an audible ""click"" is heard during the swing to provide realistic swing training, is the ideal golf coach.
【High-Quality Materials】
Our golf grip trainer is made of premium steel and resin materials, providing durable quality that you can trust. Golf practice sticks it achieves a refreshing combination of wrist tightening, forearm rotation, and shoulder rotation to increase strength and stability during actual use.
【A Cut Above The Average Golf Swing Aid】
This golf training aid is Ideal for applying the “little and often” approach that leads to lasting change, such as increased X-Factor swing strength, pelvic acceleration, average ball speed, and ground force through a tighter center of gravity,Improves a golfer’s swing tempo and plane.
【Practice Anywhere】
The golf swing training aid is lightweight and portable, You can take it anywhere and practice indoors day or night, without extra time and energy arrangements, you can also enjoy the joy of golf swing stick.
【Ideal Gift】
In special festivals, give the golf swing aid as a gift to your beloved one. Golf trainers are chosen by more and more beginners, and are also loved by golfers.

【Product information】
Brand: Arttodo
Color: black
Product material: Plastic,metal
Dimension(length): approx. 39~66cm / 15~26inch
Weight: approx. 382g
Package List:
1 * training grip

Hand correction anti-slip grip

Designed according to the shape of the human hand,mad of natural rubber,the hands are soft,making the players more comfortable when hitting the ball.

Operation guide

When swinging ,the front section can pop up and make a sound, ant the swing will automatically shrink to the original state.

 Adhere to waving 20-25 times a day,which will effectively improve the technical level of swing and improve the hitting distance and accuracy.