golf swing trainer warm up before exercise
Golf Swing Training Aids Improve Swing Speed
Golf Swing Training Aids
Golf Swing Training Aids
Golf Swing Training Aids
Golf Swing Training Aids
Golf Swing Training Aids
96cm Magnetic Golf Swing Trainer
Golf Swing Speed Trainer
Golf Swing Training Aids

Golf Swing Training Aids Improve Swing Speed and Tempo Trainer Wand with Magnetic Ball

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Size: 48"(123cm)


Color: Blue

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Improve your golf swing tempo、timing and speed. Help you warm-up, stretch out, and build golf-specific muscles without having to pull out your clubs. 

The golf speed trainer is a must-have for golfers, as it helps increase club head speed by refining timing and release during the swing, resulting in longer and straighter shots.
As you make practice swings ,the magnetic timing ball releases from the grip and gives you immediate timing feedback by hitting at the end of the shaft before impact (indicating early release) or hitting the exact impact point in your swing.
Proven effective by long-drive champions,top professional golfers, and a large number of golfers worldwide, the tool maximizes distance off the tee.
After just one practice session, users will experience immediate results, including greater club head speed, longer tee shots, and improved consistency. It can be conveniently used at home, in the backyard, or at the golf course, with online instructional videos
available for additional tips and drills, enabling golfers to achieve shots up to 20 to 30 yards farther.

Golf Swing Training Aids

【Product Information】

Brand: Arttodo
Grip Type:Golf swing Trainer

Proper Swing

By sliding the EVA ball head to the hand position, we can better control the amplitude of the swing, master the accurate posture of the swing, and train and strengthen the power of the swing.

Golf Swing Training Aids

Increase Swing Speed

Fiberglass body,light weight,good resilience and plasicit, to help you better swing speed practice, improve the next playing distance.

Golf Swing Training Aids

Swing Rhythm Exercise

Soft EVA ball head hits the bottom of the shock absorber, the impact feedback sound simulates the real impact feeling, the rhythm feeling is more clear, to achieve efficient practice effect,and quickly tips the swing skills.

Golf Swing Training Aids

Real Swing Feeling

When the swing practice is strong enough, the ball head will be used tofall under the influence of the swing force, and hit the bottom of the shock plate, simulating the real swing feeling.

Golf Swing Training Aids