Golf Pressure Plate Weight Shift Balance Board Golf Teaching & Training Aid

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Color: Orange

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A way to shift our weight of trail leg to lead leg when hitting the golf ball.
This Golf Weight Shift Balance Board helps you out!

【Enhance Your Golf Game】
The Golf Weight Shift Balance board is a great golf training aid designed to enhance your swing, balance, and weight shift, so to fine tune every single of your shots.
【Perfect Your Swing Technique】
This innovative swing aid combines pressure plate technology with a balance board, offering unparalleled insights during your golf practice sessions. It helps you perfect your swing technique, resulting in improved swings and enhanced consistency.
【Master Weight Shift】
Get real-time feedback on your weight distribution throughout your swing, enabling you to identify and correct imbalances. This brings you a more powerful and controlled swing.
【Elevate Your Game Anywhere】
Use the Swing Trainer Pressure Plate year-round, both indoors and outdoors, to consistently refine your swing and unlock your potential for delivering powerful shots. Suitable for both kids and adults, this golf swing trainer is an ideal training aid for all skill levels.
【Warning Risk Of Injury】
Not for use on hard surfaces.
Use only on surfaces that allow the spikes to embed, such as grass, artificial turf, carpet, golf mats,etc.
Use on hard surfaces can create a fall hazard.
【Product information】
Product Material:
ABS+Glass Fiber|
Product Size: 24.2''*13''*2''(61.5 cm*33 cm*5 cm)
Product Weight: 4.85 lb(2.2 kg)