Golf Putting Alignment Mirror with Putter Line Acrylic Foldable

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Crafted from premium acrylic, this golf putting mirror boasts exceptional durability and enhances your swing technique and accuracy. It also aids in correcting posture mistakes for improved performance.
Designed to be easily folded, this putting mirror allows for convenient transport and storage. It effortlessly extends to offer various modes for effective indoor putting practice wherever you go.
Featuring distinct lines and targeted putting assistance, this mirror helps you fine tune your putting stroke and develop muscle memory, resulting in more consistent performance on the greens.
With the ability to freely move and adjust the mirror, you can customize your practice sessions according to your specific needs. It accommodates various scenarios and elevates your putting accuracy.
Perfect for outdoor grass, indoor practice areas, offices, and more, this golf putting mirror adapts to different surfaces, granting you the flexibility to sharpen your putting skills wherever you desire.

【Instruction content】
The Putting Mirror is the perfect way to practice your putting alignment prior to play. Use it at home aron the practice green to check your putter face alignment, eye position, and putting stroke. As you practiced iligently with the putting mirror and begin to gain confidence , you'll be amazed at the difference you notice in your ability to sink short to medium length putts while also getting closer to the hole with longer putts.

Place it down on a fat section of the practice green about 4 to 6 feet from the cup. Point the center line of the putting mirror directly at the cup. Use tees if needed to secure the front and sides of the mirror to the green. Position two or more of the magnets at the far end of the mirror to create a gate for the ball to travel through. You can also use tees to create additional gates for the ball to travel through closer to the cup. Place your ball on top of the small hole at the front of the mirror within the large circle.

Get into your putting stance and align your head over the mirror so that you can see the reflection of your eyes on the center line of the mirror.

The mirror provides a clear view of head, eye line & body align men to assess these positions during both the set up and putting stroke.

After you make sure your alignment is right, focus on putting the ball through the magnets without hitting them. Continue top practice until you gain confidence in your eye and putter face alignment, which in turn will translate to a more consistent putting stroke.

While in your stance, also use the mirror to keep the face of your putter head perpendicular or square to the center line.You want to be sure to position your putter so that the ball will be struck at the center of the face.