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Color: Random Color 2 PCS

Random Color 2 PCS
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Golf swing trainer aid stick improve flexibility and range of motion while avoiding injury and improving swing strength while maintaining control.
【Lightweight and Portable】
The golf swing trainer stickis small in size and convenient to carry, and its use is not limited by timing, place and place.
Improve Flexibility and Coordination: Through the left and right symmetrical parallel swings, the flexibility and coordination of the human body are improved.
【Multi Purpose】
Golf swing trainer aid stick has variety of uses, which can be used for , relaxation tennis, yoga and other sports.
【Foam Material】
Made of foam material, soft texture, high resilience, high tensile strength, strong toughness, good shockproof and cushioning performances.

【Product information】
Material: High Density Foam
Color: Red/Yellow/Blue
Package Weight: approx.140g
Length: approx.80cm/31.49in
Diameter: approx.3cm/1.18in