Golf Score Counter
Golf Score Counter
Golf Score Counter
Golf Score Counter
Golf Score Counter
Golf Score Counter
Golf Score Counter

Golf Score Counter with Reset Tool and Key Chain

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Color: White-Orange


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Golf Score Counter for Tracking Your Score While Playing Golf
This golf score counter is made of plastic and has a compact construction, making it easy to carry. Comes with a key chain, it can be easily placed in your pocket or attached directly to your golf bag for convenient access.

The golf score counter is an essential tool that allows you to quickly and accurately record every shot you make on the course, helping you monitor your progress and improve your game.

Golf Score Counter

Mini golf stroke counter is double scoring design which can give two different teammates to record the score, convenient, high efficiency and not easy to make mistakes. If your teammate or you scores a goal, you just tap the corresponding button and you won't forget the score.

The portable golf short count clicker can score up to 9 points. If you want to go back to zero, all you have to do is turn the small disc on the back of the scorer in the correct direction with the reset tool, and you can start the score again.

Golf score counters of different colors has a rope chain. You can tie the shot score counter to your belt, to your watch, to anything you want. Free your hands, let you in the competition at the same time, also can accurately record your excellent results.

You will receive four different color mini golf scoring keeper, you can choose the color according to your mood, your color of golf club cover and clothes. During the competition, different color golf scorer can effectively distinguish your score from that of your competitors, so that you have a pleasant competition.

Our putts golf score shot stroke counter clicker is made of excellent plastic, it is light and beautiful, durable and not easy to damage, and there are many user-friendly designs. It's a great gift for friends, family and golf lover.