Golf Training Mats,Analyse Swing Paths and Correct Ball Striking Posture


Color: Green/Color Box

Green/Color Box
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Our golf practice mats are perfect for beginners. You can analyse and correct your posture by using the clear stroke markings on the mat to get a good idea of the direction and strength of your swing. This is a great way to correct your swing problems and will give you a solid foundation for achieving a perfect swing and shot when you arrive on the golf course.
【Operate Easily】
With this practice mat, you may improve your swing on any level surface—a special location is not required. It is a go-to tool for golfers of all skill levels due to its lightweight and simple design. Get better anytime, anywhere by practicing outside.
【Long Serving Life】
High-quality turf materials are used in the construction of our golf practice mat, giving it a genuine feel and minimizing clubface wear. Furthermore, even after repeated use, the soft velvet turf material won't fade.
【Well Made】
With this mat, you can practice your golfing anytime and anywhere. You can take it up and set it down with ease because it is lightweight and has an ergonomic grip. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, hone your abilities outside.
【Anti-slip Design】
With a sturdy surface that increases traction, this golf practice mat stops movement while you're practicing. Every swing is made more stable by the non-slip design and the sturdy rubber backing, which guarantes suppleness.
【Multi-functional Design】
Our groundbreaking golf practice mat captures swings for easy analysis and offer a unique impact surface to enhance your game. Recognize your advantages and disadvantages to modify your approach.

Product Size :17.3"(44cm)×12"(30.6cm)

Product Weight :1.54kg/3.42lb