Overcoming "Chicken Wing": Correcting Downswing Motion for More Accurate and Longer Shots!

Overcoming "Chicken Wing": Correcting Downswing Motion for More Accurate and Longer Shots!

"Chicken Wing" is a swing error that troubles many golfers. Although it is just a post-impact movement, do not underestimate its impact, as it directly influences the clubface angle, clubhead trajectory, and shot power.

The characteristic of this movement is an excessive bending of the arms, with the elbow far from the body and lifted upward, resembling the spread wings of a chicken.

"Chicken Wing" commonly occurs in two situations: when the clubface is open near the impact point, and when the clubhead trajectory is too steep during the downswing.

These situations lead you subconsciously to produce the "Chicken Wing" motion, attempting to square the clubface and reduce the steep angle.

It's important to note that the "Chicken Wing" also implies a lack of full release. Releasing involves not only the movement of the wrists and arms but also extending the arms fully towards the target direction after the shot, which is the best manifestation of a complete release.

Correcting the "Chicken Wing" is the key to addressing issues such as an open clubface, a steep downswing, and insufficient release.

The method is simple; it's not just about straightening the left arm, but more crucially, correctly rotating the left arm.

Observing the "Chicken Wing" motion, you'll notice the left palm facing downward. In contrast, the correct motion involves the left palm facing upward, indicating the proper arm rotation.

The correction method includes extending the arm towards the target direction after the shot and simultaneously rotating the left forearm to the left. Only in this way can you avoid the occurrence of the "Chicken Wing."

If you have the "Chicken Wing" issue, it is suggested to first feel the rotation of the left arm without a club and then, with the left hand gripping the club, swing it to the left to sense the movement of the left arm. This is the simplest and most practical correction method.

You may have previously done exercises like clamping a clubhead cover or towel under the left armpit. The purpose is to help the left arm rotate correctly. This exercise effectively restricts the tendency of the left arm to bend, lift upward, and open.

After correcting the "Chicken Wing," you will find it easier to achieve a square impact, allowing the clubhead to move along the target line at the moment of impact. Simultaneously, the release of power will be more thorough. Want to make more accurate and longer shots? Take action now!


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