Greg Norman’s Best Power and Short-Game Golf Tips

Greg Norman’s Best Power and Short-Game Golf Tips

My Quick Power Tip

When your left arm reaches parallel to the ground in your backswing, make sure the clubhead is as far away from your body as possible (below). A wide, extended backswing creates width, and the wider your swing arc, the faster the clubhead must travel to keep up with your body. It’s like a ceiling fan—it turns at one speed, but since the edges of the blade trace a wider circle than the motor in the middle, they actually move faster. Watch Adam Scott. He does this better than anyone else.

My Quick Short-Game Tip

Most weekend players hit pitches and chips using too much arm action. I’ve always felt that short-game swings are miniature versions of full swings and require the same amount of shoulder rotation (below). Use more shoulder turn than arm swing— you’ll shorten your backswing and ensure that you accelerate through impact. Armsy chippers and pitchers tend to stop at impact. That’s the way to catch the shot thin or hit a chunk.


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